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Kiwi Search Group

is a Greater China focused recruitment firm with offices in Hong Kong, Suzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Oregon. Originally started in USA to support American companies to recruit Asian language speaking talents, the firm had quickly evolved and setup headquarter in Hong Kong to become an all rounded recruitment company.  We are the first recruitment company with an office in USA to assist oversea clients to recruit in Hong Kong and China. We also attach great importance to our local Hong Kong and Chinese clients by helping them recruit locally and oversea.

Why People Choose Us?


Over the years, Kiwi Search had became a name that is synonymous with excellence among the recruitment industry. Our mission is simple: provide fast, inexpensive, BUT quality recruitment services.


We are the first recruitment firm to desperately rely on technology with a clear disruptive business model to shape the whole recruitment industry. Our database system uses our in-house developed algorithm to identify both active and non-active candidates for our clients and it has given all of our recruiters an unparalleled competitive advantage against our competitors. Kiwi in recruitment is Apple in technology, except kiwis have even more vitamins than apples.


We are looking forward to further establish our brand in Asia by opening more offices in more major cities especially in China.  Our only office in USA is currently under expansion and we hope to solve more recruitment needs for both our oversea and local clients.

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